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Books of the Bible I Have Read

Old Testament Genesis Exodus Joshua Judges Ruth 1 Samuel 2 Samuel 1 Kings 2 Kings Nehemiah Ester Job Proverbs Ecclesiastics Song of Songs Isaiah Jeremiah (in progress) Hosea Joel Amos Obadiah Jonah Micah Nahum Habakkuk Zephaniah New Testament Galatians 1… Continue Reading →

EE-2902 Lab 345 Stopwatch

This is a demo of my stopwatch for my EE-2902 lab. This stopwatch was written in VHDL for an Altera DE1 FPGA development board. This program demonstrates the separation of a Finite State Machine into separate control and data machines. For… Continue Reading →

How to Insert a Special Symbol

Special symbols (like Ω) can by typed on a keyboard by holding ALT while entering a number sequence on the number pad. This only works on the numberpad and not on the numbers above the letter keys. To type an… Continue Reading →

Robot Update

Hi guys, I just wanted to show you a couple videos of my robot. Thanks!

Last night I was crying out to God for wisdom on a situation. Today He answered.

Prayer Update Week 1

This quarter started out rough for MSOE, with a server down. This server ran software necessary for students to register for classes and find their classrooms. The registrar’s office is doing everything by hand. Food services can’t process credit cards… Continue Reading →

MSOE AEI Masonry Day

Thank You

To the people that are praying for me, Thank you. Because prayer is a selfless act. It shows that you care enough to consider someone else, and that you are asking God to do likewise. I have been so blessed… Continue Reading →

#MathewChallenge Day 11

Matthew 8:1-22 Observe Jesus encounters a leper, a centurion, Peter’s mother-in-law, a scribe, and another disciple. Leper The leper asks if Jesus may make him clean. I used the word may, because the leper seems confident that Jesus can make… Continue Reading →

I’m Going to Urbana 15.

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