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Does God use pain and hurt in our lives to heal deeper wounds? Like how a doctor performs a second surgery to repair parts that didn’t set successfully. This maintains his good and loving nature, while reconciling the pain we… Continue Reading →

Books I have Read

Books I have Read From Foreign to Familiar Autopsy of a Deceased Church Crazy Love by Francis Chan Radical by David Platt Why Gender Matters (first edition) Boys Adrift (first edition) Girls on the Edge (first edition) Books I have… Continue Reading →

Things I Have Learned

The maximum bandwidth of an RF channel is two times the carrier frequency. So a 2.4 GHz carrier can have a max. bandwidth of 2.4 x 2 = 4.8 GHz. Because of this 5G and 6G cell phone technologies are… Continue Reading →


I recently earned my General Amature Liscense! https://www.hamradio.com/newhams.cfm I used hamstudy.org to help me prepare.


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Why am I alive? To bring glory and honor to His name.

MSOE should have Amazon Dash buttons next to copy machines to refill them with paper.

Death is Beautiful

When I was younger, I didn’t know how I would respond to the death of a loved one. As I’m preparing for my grandfather, Papa, to die I am surprised at how much beauty I see. And no, I’m not… Continue Reading →

Day 1 of Adulting

I cooked a frozen chicken breast on a cast iron pan with green beans my grandmother gave me. Had a leftover cookie for dessert.


Hello Friends and Family, It’s week nine in the spring quarter at MSOE. Four tests this week. Two down. Two remaining. Then the only thing left till school ends is week ten and finals. The Fed closed Guaranty Bank last… Continue Reading →

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