Matthew 8:1-22


Jesus encounters a leper, a centurion, Peter’s mother-in-law, a scribe, and another disciple.


The leper asks if Jesus may make him clean. I used the word may, because the leper seems confident that Jesus can make him clean. However, it is Jesus choice if he chooses to cleanse the leper.

Jesus touches the leper and says that he will cleanse him. Immediately the leper is cleansed. Jesus instructs the leper to tell no one, but to show himself to the priest and offer the gift that Moses had commanded as proof.


Jesus encounters a centurion, who asked for his paralyzed servant at home to be healed. Jesus says that he will come to his house and heal him. But the centurion stops him saying, ‘Jesus, I am not worthy to have you in my house. But simply say the word, and it will be done. For I am a manager, and people do as I say.’

Jesus in awe, ‘I have not seen faith like this in all of Israel. Go home, for it will be done as you believed.’ At that instant, the servant is immediately healed.

Peter’s Mother-In-Law

Jesus entered the house of Peter, and seeing Peter’s mother-in-law sick, touched her. Immediately she was healed. She then begins to serve Jesus.


The scribe states that he will follow Jesus wherever.

Jesus responds by saying that, ‘Even animals have homes. But, the Son of Man has nowhere to sleep.’

Another Disciple

This disciple pleads with Jesus, ‘First let me go to my father’s funeral.’

Jesus commands him, ‘Follow me. The dead people can bury the dead.’


The leper has faith that Jesus can heal him.

The centurion understands that Jesus is holy, and that he has power.

Peter’s mother-in-law immediately begins serving Jesus. She does not delay.

The scribe, needs to understand that he will not have a home on earth.

The other disciple must be obedient to Jesus now. Jesus explains that the spiritually dead people can bury his father.

Faith in Jesus requires belief in his power, fear of his holiness, and immediate dedication to him.


Because of Jesus holiness and power, I must be able to surrender my complete life to him.