Special symbols (like Ω) can by typed on a keyboard by holding ALT while entering a number sequence on the number pad. This only works on the numberpad and not on the numbers above the letter keys. To type an uppercase omega, hold down ALT, enter 234, then release ALT. An Omega symbol will magically appear. The number entered is called an ALT code, and is used to insert a symbol that the keyboard does not have.

This trick works in any program, and is useful for an electrical engineering student to know. For symbols used frequently, this is faster than using the insert->symbol menu in Word.

Below is a collection of codes I use frequently. For a complete list, search for “ALT codes” on your favorite search engine.

[ALT]+[224]=α (alpha)
[ALT]+[225]=ß (beta)
[ALT]+[233]=Θ (theta)
[ALT]+[227]=π (pi)
[ALT]+[230]=µ (mu)
[ALT]+[234]=Ω (Omega)(ohm)
[ALT]+[0177]=± (plus minus)