Hello Friends and Family,

It’s week nine in the spring quarter at MSOE. Four tests this week. Two down. Two remaining. Then the only thing left till school ends is week ten and finals.

The Fed closed Guaranty Bank last Friday. They were a member of the FDIC, so all the money is ensured. The bank was acquired by First Citizens Bank. They will be handling all transactions now. The 107 branches in retail outlets will be permanently closed, with only 12 brick-and-motor locations remaining. Thankfully I am only two blocks from a physical branch. However, this will still be inconvenient, and I will be closing my account and switching to a different bank.

Today my roommate’s father passed away.

Yesterday I was told that he was in the hospital in poor health. This morning at 5:30 am I awoke to my roommate’s cellphone ringing. His mom answered in a panicked voice, ‘He might not make it! I am on my way to the hospital.’

‘Okay, I can get a ride there’, answered my roommate as he headed out the door.

I carried the weight in my prayers throughout the morning. This afternoon a mutual friend down the hall told me he died in the morning.

I don’t know how to respond to death. I have never lost anyone close to me. I’m not sure what to say and worried about using the wrong words. Laura Sievert’s blog has been helpful in learning about grief as she documents the pain of losing her brother.

In all of the uncertainty though, somehow I trust that God is reigning over this. That He put me in my roommate’s life for a reason. That He thinks I am qualified.


You are God. And you are in control. Help us to trust you when life is hard and things suck. Open my ears to hear grieving. Shut my mouth to quick and useless phrases that attempt to relieve. Prepare my heart for sorrow. Strengthen me to push through the uncomfortable. I am your servant. Use me for your will.


Thank you for caring.




A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity. – Proverbs 17:17