This summer I have a unique opportunity to delve into the topic of character and leadership development at InterVarsity’s 4-week InterVarsity Leadership Institute (IVLI).  During the four weeks at camp, we will look closely at four areas of leadership:

  1. The Personal Life of a Leader: learning the spiritual disciplines and godly character formation that are foundational to Christian discipleship and imperative to Christian leadership.
  2. The Inter-Personal Life of a Leader: Understanding and experiencing (1) healthy friendships (2) Christian community and (3) the responsibility of leaders to initiate relationship.
  3. The Skills of a Leader: Developing skills that will increase my effectiveness as a student leader in my InterVarsity chapter, on my campus and in my church
  4. The Mission of a Leader: understanding the kind of world we live in, its effect on my life and how to influence others for change.

We will study these areas through solid Biblical teaching, concentrated time with other Christian students and InterVarsity staff, time alone with God and training in Christian leadership.  We will hear from several Biblical scholars throughout the month.  The Leadership Institute is designed to help me prepare for a lifetime of service as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

About a year ago, I was baptized. Looking back on life since then, I have seen God use me in ways I never expected. The Holy Spirit has been more active in me. I would describe it as an awakening. I started having daily quiet times. I have led a Bible study out of my dorm room for over half of the school year. Preparing, praying, and meeting with members has stretched me.

I look forward to growing my leadership abilities at IVLI. In leading a Bible study, I recognize how much more I need to grow. One of the days is dedicated to witnessing on Mackinac Island. I hope to use these skills to reach friends on my dorm floor.Cedar Campus

I am looking for support through prayer. Prayer for myself as I look into the area of leadership that I would be receptive to what God is teaching me.  I will be at camp from July 4th through July 31st.

Thank you for your consideration to partner with me as I take this time to invest in this most important aspect of my life, loving the Lord my God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength and our neighbor as myself.


Jacob Ertel

IVLI is held at Cedar Campus, in Cedarville, MI. It’s about an hour west of Mackinac Island.

See an overview of the IVLI curriculum here.

Here is another video, if you already watched the one at the top of the post