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Prayer Update Week 1

This quarter started out rough for MSOE, with a server down. This server ran software necessary for students to register for classes and find their classrooms. The registrar’s office is doing everything by hand. Food services can’t process credit cards… Continue Reading →

IVLI Update Week 2

Hello family and friends, I would encourage you to click this link and read the official newsletter. Another week at IVLI has come and gone. This week went by very fast. I will share some images to give you a… Continue Reading →

Welcome to InterVarsity Lumberjack Institute

I was talking to the student driving me about how the camp wanted us to use the bathroom before arriving at Cedar Campus. We couldn’t quite figure out why though. As we pulled into the drive way of Cedar Campus… Continue Reading →

I Am Going to InterVarsity Leadership Institute

This summer I have a unique opportunity to delve into the topic of character and leadership development at InterVarsity‚Äôs 4-week InterVarsity Leadership Institute (IVLI).¬† During the four weeks at camp, we will look closely at four areas of leadership: The… Continue Reading →

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