This quarter started out rough for MSOE, with a server down. This server ran software necessary for students to register for classes and find their classrooms. The registrar’s office is doing everything by hand. Food services can’t process credit cards and student printing has also been impaired. The latest information is that services will be restored by Wednesday next week.

I had an initial phone interview last Thursday with Cellcom in Green Bay. I was interviewing for a Network Engineer Intern position. The main focus of this internship was on installing a new fiber optic data cable to a tower. The interview was the best interview I have had. The interview questions were based primarily on behavior. They wanted to know I learned new things, how I lead and influenced people, and how I asked for help. I enjoyed having the interview over the phone, because I could have notes with things to talk about. I will hear back from them in a couple of weeks.

I am taking the following classes this quarter:

MA-235 (Differential Equations) 4 credits

AKA: Dif Eq. I have a very young and hip teacher for this class. He seems to be very hard working, and willing to help students. Because math is not my strongest point, I am in a group tutoring session for this class. I have a positive outlook for this class.

PH-2031 (Physics 3, Waves, Optics, Thermodynamics, and Quantum Physics) 4 credits

AKA: Physics. I have an older professor for this class, who doesn’t explain things very well. A good thing about this professor is that his labs are very easy. I have an individual tutor for this class. I asked someone in students support services for advice on this professor, and she suggested tricks I can use to get more tutoring if needed. I am worried about my success in this class. I am going to have to exert extra energy into reading and practice for this class.

EE-2900 (Combinational Logic) 4 credits

I may refer to this class as VHDL, as half of the class is dedicated to learning this programming language. I have an excellent professor for this class. He is from Germany, but speaks excellent English. I like him a lot. He is funny, and laughs often. Some of this class will be review from high school. However, programming in VHDL will be new. I have a very positive outlook on this class.

EE-2070 (Linear Circuits – Transients) 3 credits

AKA: Transients. I have the same German professor for this class. There is no lab component to this class. Like Dif Eq and Physics, this is a math heavy course. I have a group tutor for this class and a positive outlook.

EE-2930 (Systems Integration) 3 credits

AKA: The robot course. This is a class dedicated to programming a robot to compete in a sumo bot competition. The goal of the sumo competition is to find your opponent and push him out of the rink. Check the link for a video of a competition. I have an older oriental teacher for this class. He has a thick accent, but has a unique sense of humor. The grades from this course come from demonstrating your robot to the instructor in lab. There are weekly maneuvers and capabilities that our robot must accomplish. Very little new information is presented in this class, and I have done very well in the prior two classes. The instructor’s accent should not hinder me in this class. However, the robot is very fun to work on, and time intensive. Efficient and balanced use of time into this class is necessary for me to succeed in my other classes. My weekends will probably be spent working on this ‘bot. I have a positive outlook on for this class.

Below is the start of my robot chassis.


My bible study attendance is strong. We had a new member last week. I could do a better job at creating fun community events, though. This week, we will be studying Isaiah 9. At our large group meeting, Rhea Briscoe will be speaking on Christmas. The women of IV hosted a fun and delicious feast for the men last Saturday.


In my quiet times, I have been reading through Matthew to prepare for Urbana. Urbana is Intervarsity’s mission’s conference that takes place over the Christmas break.


Currently my left ear is still annoying me. I had it seen by a doctor, but the doctor said it wasn’t infected.

I have been working harder this quarter. However, my sleep hasn’t always caught up with the increased amount of work. Some days I have been physically tired and achy, but mentally ready and productive.


This week I had fun learning about masonry and brick laying with AEI’s Masonry Day. Hit the link for pictures. I was among civil, architectural, and construction management majors. One of the masonry instructors learned that I was studying electrical engineering. He gave me crap and called me “sparky” for the rest of the time.

I also had a very enjoyable time at the men’s dinner, mentioned above.


I am thankful for modern medicine, and gummy D vitamins.

I see God working in my bible study.

I am nervous about Physics.