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Last night I was crying out to God for wisdom on a situation. Today He answered.

Prayer Update Week 1

This quarter started out rough for MSOE, with a server down. This server ran software necessary for students to register for classes and find their classrooms. The registrar’s office is doing everything by hand. Food services can’t process credit cards… Continue Reading →

MSOE AEI Masonry Day

Thank You

To the people that are praying for me, Thank you. Because prayer is a selfless act. It shows that you care enough to consider someone else, and that you are asking God to do likewise. I have been so blessed… Continue Reading →

#MathewChallenge Day 11

Matthew 8:1-22 Observe Jesus encounters a leper, a centurion, Peter’s mother-in-law, a scribe, and another disciple. Leper The leper asks if Jesus may make him clean. I used the word may, because the leper seems confident that Jesus can make… Continue Reading →

I’m Going to Urbana 15.

First Impressions on PaperCut at MSOE

These are my first impressions on the new PaperCut Printing system at MSOE after reading the instructions. Goodbye Matrix themed network folders. RFID should read faster than a magnetic strip. The log in/out time will make or break our respect… Continue Reading →

Thanks to Heather Dotson, and the rest of the gang back at MSOE IV for the care package. It was a great surprise when I was told I had anther package. The notes were very encouraging, and my family group… Continue Reading →

IVLI Update Week 2

Hello family and friends, I would encourage you to click this link and read the official newsletter. Another week at IVLI has come and gone. This week went by very fast. I will share some images to give you a… Continue Reading →

IVLI Update Week 1

Click here to read the newsletter published by the camp. We are going through the book of Exodus this month. I had just finished reading Exodus before I came. It will be good to analyze it in detail. The camp… Continue Reading →

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