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Prayer Update Week 1

This quarter started out rough for MSOE, with a server down. This server ran software necessary for students to register for classes and find their classrooms. The registrar’s office is doing everything by hand. Food services can’t process credit cards… Continue Reading →

MSOE AEI Masonry Day

Thank You

To the people that are praying for me, Thank you. Because prayer is a selfless act. It shows that you care enough to consider someone else, and that you are asking God to do likewise. I have been so blessed… Continue Reading →

First Impressions on PaperCut at MSOE

These are my first impressions on the new PaperCut Printing system at MSOE after reading the instructions. Goodbye Matrix themed network folders. RFID should read faster than a magnetic strip. The log in/out time will make or break our respect… Continue Reading →

What to Take to College

The school year is quickly coming to a close and that means high school seniors will be going off to college. I have some advice on things to pack, having lived in a small concrete bunker called a dorm room…. Continue Reading →


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Hello! My name is Jacob Ertel. I am a student studying electrical engineering at Milwaukee School of Engineering.

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